E-Business Management
Kurssprache / course language: Deutsch

eBusiness Management (credit-eligible)

With the growing importance of the internet more and more eBusinesses are founded. These new business models entail many chances, but also risks.

In our superviced online course eBusiness Management you will learn how to generate added value through the usage of information and communication technologies, how they can be used and what to pay attention to when doing so. You get an overview over the technologies necessary (hardware, software and networks) for building an eBusiness infrastructure and will be able to choose them according to your needs after the course. You will also learn how to recognise trends in the internet and how you can use the special role of the consumers in the Web 2.0. Another part of the course is about planning and developing a social media strategy which helps you to market your future business better.

The course will run from 24th of October 2016 to 31st of January 2017. In the end of the course, you will have opportunity to participate in a voluntary and location-independent exam, for which you may gain a certificate and credits from the University of Applied Sciences Lübeck (the exam fee is 95 €, free of charge for refugees).

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