Start-up management

Kurssprache / course language: English

Start-up management

Everyone who is thinking about founding a new company or expanding the activities of an existing company has to learn how to think and act entrepreneurial.

In the course about start-up management you will get to know the most important basics about management and business formation.

This course provides a general overview of the practical aspects and problems related to the business formation process and entrepreneurial activity, both of which form essential parts of starting a new company.

These aspects include recognizing, evaluating and selecting a business idea, as well as creating a sound and consistent business plan to pursue the identified business potential and decide on its implementation. Further essential elements for the success of your business include the financing concept, the market entry strategy and the choice of the optimal legal form.

Prepare to start your own company!

The course ran as a supervised, credit-eligible course from 11 January to 8 April 2016. You can still participate in the course; it is however not possible to participate in the exam and get a certificate.

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