Kurssprache / course language: Englisch

International Project Management and Future of Work MOOC (#ipm40fow)

Due to globalization, the relevance of project management is steadily increasing, as work is being more and more organized in the form of projects. This is especially the case, where interdisciplinary tasks have to be conducted in a fast and economic manner.

Nowadays it's a prerequisite for success that the company rapidly adapts to ever changing market conditions. Thus companies work and think increasingly in project structures. The underlying complexity requires a special methodology.

In this course, you get to know the most important instruments and methods of project management.

You develop your skills in teamwork, steering, time management, risk management, communication and in the leadership of processes. These are basics for initiating, planning, executing, documenting and reviewing projects.

Modern life is digital. Managing projects in a modern setting requires the special acknowledgement of changing workplace conditions that come with new technologies and global collaboration.

You will be introduced to some of the central topics, skills and attitudes that prepare you for the future of work for modern project management.

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