Kick-start your own business

Everyone who is thinking about founding a new company or expanding the activities of an existing company has to learn how to think and act entrepreneurial. In the course about start-up management you will get to know the most important basics about management and business formation.

This course provides a general overview of the practical aspects and problems related to the business formation process and entrepreneurial activity, both of which form essential parts of starting a new company.

These aspects include recognizing, evaluating and selecting a business idea, as well as creating a sound and consistent business plan to pursue the identified business potential and decide on its implementation. Further essential elements for the success of your business include the financing concept, the market entry strategy and the choice of the optimal legal form.

Prepare to start your own company! 


Course structure

1. Basic Principles

2. Types of Entrepreneurship

3. The Entrepreneurial Process

4. Tasks Including Solutions and Solution Propositions

5. Tasks to Send In


Course duration:

11 January to 8 April 2016

Registration deadline:

11 January 2016

Course methodology:

100% online



Learning workload:

approx. 75 hrs

Prerequisites / entrance requirements:

English language skills of at least B2 level are recommended

Author / mentor:

Jürgen Klein


Lübeck University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with oncampus, the e-learning subcompany of the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences


exam / assignment


certificate of Lübeck University of Applied Sciences

ECTS transfer and recognition:

This course can be recognised in a possible study programme with 2.5 credit points ECTS (if entrance qualifications are met)


The participation in this course is free for all participants. Participants without refugee status have the option to participate in an exam and earn a certificate and 2.5 ECTS points after paying an examination fee of 95 Euro. The optional exam is free of charge for participants with refugee status. Approx. 4 weeks before the end of the course you will be given the option to register for the exam.